JAR sauces started out as a fun hobby for Joel, Andy, and Roy. They loved making and experimenting with hot sauce recipes. Joel, Andy, and Roy worked together in Wausau,WI and discovered they all had an interest in hot sauce and decided to craft a batch. They bottled 5 gallons worth of what is now known as JAR Flavor Sauce Mild.

They handed out samples and received positive feedback and before they knew it they were back creating another batch, this time 30 gallons worth. They continued to hand out samples and the rave reviews kept coming. With the demand coming in, they pursued a small business license, FDA and state food vendor approval, and a certified kitchen where they could produce. In the spring of 2011, they were up and running as an LLC and Joel Andy, and Roy became partners of JAR Products, LLC.

As demand began to grow, so did the number of recipes. They created a spicier flavor sauce known as Flavor Sauce Hot and a chipotle-smoky piping hot Schadenfreude. (German for “satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune”). The three sauces are packed with flavor and have a level of spice to suit the timid all the way to the true pepper head.

In 2012, the partners lost Roy to a motorcycle accident. Roy’s wife, Courtney, has become a member alongside Joel and Andy. The partners honor Roy’s legacy by continuing to create superb flavor and hot sauces.

After the passing of Roy, the company’s original zing was hard to recreate. After about 2 years, we decided to sell the business assets.  Andy’s wife recommended he buy out the partners – and he now keeps the legacy of Flavor and Heat going.


Jar offers a variety of sauces that will suite anyone’s taste buds – from the flavor-seeker to the true pepper head. Turn any ordinary dish to extraordinary with our mild or hot flavor sauces. If you are looking for more heat, try our Shadenfreude hot sauce featuring ghost chilies along with a smoky-chipotle flavor. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for heat.

JAR products originated in The Northwoods of Wisconsin. The sauce recipes are hand crafted by Joel, Andy, and Roy.

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